Our grand travel true Americain South west, winter 2006-2007 in camping,Texas,Arizona,California Etc...Used vehicle: FORD FX4-2004-F-150-V8-5.4L with FIFTH WHEEL 25 feet + Slide Out. Millage gone through around 20,000Km (12,000Milles) for 51/2 months in everything Naps left at the beginning of December, 2006 and return mid-April 2007. To give you a small idea, we crossed 22 states+, around 1055 Gallons of gaz for vicinity $3,000 .(You can autorise Java if asked from your browser)





For those who like to visit like us, I offer you to see my assemblages photographs at which you can look there diaporama according to your taste, Around 3,200 Photographs were taken with my camera numerical the nicest of which I regrouped for every visited place. Our trip was planned 1year before hand, and works out a road or we could see quite a lot of interesting things to be seen and has visit. Working tools: Computer (lap-top), GPS, cards and researches. For our travel this is all the roads that we drove:  95 South,  10 Houston,  45 toward Galveston,  37  Corpus Christi Tx,  17 toward Mission Tx,  281 toward San Antonio,  10 true Casa Grande Az,  8 true San Diego Californie, l5 true Los Angeles, and Hollywood, back on 20 Dallas,  30 toward Little Rock Arkansas,  40 true Memphis,78 true Birmingham Alabama, 20 true Atlanta, until reach 95  501 to Myrtle Beach,S.C. Back to  Québec by 95,64 Richmond,81 - 84 cross to 87 New York et Montréal.




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Back ground picture California West Coast

















Here are 32 main places which we visited you have only has click on the button of the place which interests you and in that way you will achieve photographs and you will have the choice to put them in diaporama and that will scroll all alone. Once the taken off diaporama, click in central picture, for description .Pour the return on my Web page, click twice on return of your explorer quote left of the top. Good visit

Lafayette   Houston-NasaGalveston TX   San-Antonio TXCorpus-Christi TX   Padre-Island TXAlamo San Antonio   Padre ile-BeachAquarium-CorpusC   BentsenPalm-ParkTexas-Arizona   New-Mexico+TxArizona-Californie   la Mesa-San-DiegoCoronadoSanDiego   OldTownSanDiegoDelMarCalifornie   Erosion-SanDiegoBalboaParkZoo   SeaWorldSanDiegoDelback-Mission   Titan-FuseeScottdale-AZ   AppacheTrailAZGrandCanyonAZ   GraceLandElvis Sedona-AZ   SonoraDesert  CroisiereSanDiego   HollywoodVieuxPortSanDiego   Memphis-Tour

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